PPP 2025

PPP 2025 is not a usual conference. This isn’t a forum where we expect attendees to sit and listen to panels and speakers giving all the answers. And we don’t expect attendees to want to attend every single session.

PPP 2025 is about bringing industry leaders together to discuss, debate and explore some of the solutions in the market. The sessions are varied – roundtables, panels, workshops, boardrooms – but the topics are narrow. If you are concentrated on secondary market projects then you may choose to attend the sessions on SPV management or operational issues. If you are exploring emerging markets then you may want to attend the sessions on creating bankable deals or credit enhancement tools.

This event is about bringing different geographies together to find ways forward for the market. It is about giving a forum to discuss what hasn’t worked alongside celebrating and learning from what has. Through the two day conference and our ‘Global PPP of the Year Awards’ we hope we have created a new refreshed format where attendees will have genuine take-outs to apply to their business.

We have also listened to the market and heard that you find private meetings around conferences a useful way of connecting with other attendees. So our sponsors have a meeting room for their chosen day and will be inviting other participants to meet with them around the sessions. Our interactive app will allow them and you to connect and meet with other attendees.

We are very excited to launch this new style of event and delighted to be holding it in the beautiful city of Madrid. We look forward to seeing you there in June.

Amanda Nicholls

Publisher, Partnerships Bulletin and P3 Bulletin